Are there wagering requirements on my free bets?

Yes, your free bet with is worth a maximum of € 20, and covers your first loss on up to that amount. If you lose your first bet, we will refund that amount into your account as bonus so you can place another bet of the same amount and get a mulligan! Any profits on this free bet must be “turned over” three (3) times on, which means that you must bet any winnings on your free bet at least three (3) times before you can withdraw it. Free bets can be placed at a maximum of 3.500 odds.


Can you provide an example?

For example, you bet €20 on your first bet and lose. You'll be credited that amount back, and can bet € 20 once more. If you bet your free € 20 at 2.500 odds and win, your profit will be € 30. You then “turn over” that € 30 profit by betting on another match at 1.450 odds, and win again! Congratulations, your profit is now € 43.50 in total! You have turned over your profits one time at this point. In order to withdraw, you must turn over your original profits three more times.


General Promotional Terms & Conditions

  1. reserves the right to refuse any wager from any player participating in a promotional event for any reason. If suspects that a user is using multiple accounts to get around New Customer limitations, it will refuse wagers and reserves the right to not pay out improper bets.

1. Try Vie Terms & Conditions

1.1 Free Bet Welcome Offer - Qualification Terms

1. The Free Bet is a free bet offered only after a new customer's 1st bet on, if their first bet results in a loss. The free bet does not cover a new customer's 1st bet if that bet is a win.

2. The offer is available from 11:00am EST September, 2018 and is only valid to New Customers, age 18+, who live in a country where online gambling is legal.

3. To qualify for the Free Bet, a valid deposit must be made on within 7 days of an account being registered.

4. Only one free bet is permitted per new customer, and the free bet only applies if the customer's first bet results in a loss.

5. The maximum amount covered in the free bet is €20.

6. Free bets cannot be placed on the betting exchange at odds higher than 3.500.

1.2 Free Bet Welcome Offer - Activation & Usage Terms

1. A new user's account will be automatically refunded the amount of their first bet, up to € 20, if their first bet results in a loss on

a) this refund is equivalent to the amount of the player's free bet. The player must place their next bet for the amount refunded in order for it to count as a free bet. The odds on their free bet do not need to match the odds on the original bet.

2. In the event of a free bet resulting in a win, the winner must “turn over” the bet four times on before they will be allowed to withdraw their winnings.

3. The free bet expires 14 days after the new customer's initial bet is resolved. If the player places valid bets that are not matched on the betting exchange within the given time limit, the player will be granted 7 additional days to place another free bet. This will continue to be refreshed as long as the player is attempting to place bets.


2. General Terms

2.1 Try Vie - General Terms

1. The free bet is limited to new customers only, and is only permitted once per person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number or shared computer environment (example: a library, workplace, fraternity, or university). reserves the right to void all winnings and play should this term be disregarded.

2. The free bet offer cannot be redeemed and is not transferable to any other user.

3. The freebet offer may not be claimed in conjunction with ANY other promotions currently offered by and is subject to on-going review. reserves the right to amend this offer and its terms at any time, including the cancellation of the promotion.

4. reserves the right to refuse the free bet offer to any users who are suspected or proven to be manipulating the offer, the betting exchange, or any esports matches. Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any breach of our terms and conditions and irregular playing patterns. If any terms of an offer/ promotion are breached or if there is evidence of bets/wagers placed by a customer or group of customers (for example, betting patterns on the same events/markets that are identified across multiple accounts), which due to a free bet, results in guaranteed customer returns regardless of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to void free bets or void any stakes funded by the use of previously awarded free bets and withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winning from such voided bets. also reserves the right to reclaim the free bet awarded from such offers and confiscate them.

5. Should your free bet be void, for example through a match cancellation or reschedule, you must stake the free bet amount on another qualifying bet/bets before a withdrawal will be granted.

6. considers all the above Terms to be fair and by your participation in the Free Bet offer you consent to abide by them. Should you require any clarification or advice regarding these Terms, please contact Customer Support at [email protected].


2.2 Free Bet General Terms

  1. If not used, the Free Bet will expire 7 days after being credited (unless specified otherwise in offer terms).
  2. Should the Free Bet be placed on a selection that is later voided, the stakes will be returned to your account as a Free Bet.
  3. The maximum return on any Free Bet stake is € 500.
  4. The maximum odds that a free bet may be wagered at are 3.500.
  5. Before withdrawing any winnings on a free bet, winnings must be turned over four times on
  6. The following terms apply to all promotional Free Bets. Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at [email protected] should you require assistance with any of these conditions.
  7. The general terms & conditions and site rules shall apply to all promotions including the free bet promotion with and must be read with all relevant promotional terms and conditions.
  8.  will be the sole judge in respect of honouring any and all promotional offers. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revoke or amend any offer and its terms at any time, including the cancellation of the promotion without any prior notice. Any customer deviating from the promotional rules may be disqualified without notice.


2.3 Bet Match Specific Terms

The Bet Match promotion is a 100% match based on a New Customer’s first deposit at

  1. The offer is available from April 22nd, 2019,  and is only valid to New Customers who live in a country where online gambling is legal, and who are aged 18+ and are of a legal age to gamble. Please note that this offer will not be made available to customers under secondary accounts, or those who have had accounts closed on before - it is strictly for New Customers only.
  2. In order to qualify for the Bet Match, a minimum deposit of €5.00 must be made. The initial deposit must be made within seven (7) days of opening an account on
  3. Matched money deposited in a New Customer’s account by must be used within 14 (fourteen) days. Otherwise, the bonus period ends and the matched money cannot be used.
  4. Winnings made from a Vie Money Match deposit bonus deposit must be turned over 3 (three) times before they can be withdrawn. Please see the above example in the FAQ to learn more about turning over a bet and to be provided with an example of turnover.

3. Dishonest Play

We want to encourage players to use our player-friendly and player-first betting exchange to get the best possible odds at The free bet promotion is available as a cushion to help new customers enter the betting market and become accustomed to using We have a zero tolerance policy on activity which is designed to take advantage of our offers. If any bonus abuse or bonus related fraudulent activity occurs, we reserve the right to stop any promotions and/or offers and remove the free bet balance from these accounts, or even disable and ban these accounts.

Examples of dishonest play include (but are not limited to):

  1. Using more than one account to claim multiple bonuses
  2. Using multiple accounts to bet against yourself on the same match
  3. Using a VPN or masking IP address
  4. Artificially manipulating affiliate revenue share
  5. Coordinating with another user or group of user to maximize profits from free bets.
  6. Providing fraudulent or doctored identification documents to circumvent age restrictions, legality measures in your country, or to create multiple accounts.
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